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Our 4WD jeep safari tour around Montenegro will uniquely present to you the incredible nature of the mountainous regions of almost whole Montenegro, its beauty and diversity. You will see most of the country in a short period of time, enjoy its most spectacular wonders of nature passing through the two oldest national parks and meeting the locals, who will conquer you with their simplicity, heartiness, kindness and widely known hospitality.

Our off-road vehicles with experienced drivers will carry you around the inaccessible areas, where even the vast majority of the locals have never been, and you will enjoy the company of a small group of people with similar thoughts and life views in the unique atmosphere of wild nature.

Imagine a country where nature, landscapes, tastes and smells are so intense and diverse. Everything one can wish for is located in a tiny Montenegro, which proves that good things really do come in small packages. Join us in this adventure and you’ll be surprised how exciting, fun and interesting vacation in Montenegro can be!

Day 1

Pick you up right from the airport in Podgorica, Tivat or Dubrovnik and drive directly to your hotel in Podgorica. After refreshment in the hotel, you will enjoy getting to know the capital of Montenegro and its rich cultural heritage, archaeological sites like Doclea and Medun or the Old town, Clock tower, Ribnica fortress. Optionally, and depending on the time of your arrival, we can organize a visit and wine degustation at the wine cell which belongs to the company owning the largest vineyard in Europe in a single complex. We will arrange a welcome dinner in a local restaurant with traditional Montenegrin cuisine. Overnight.


Rikavac Lake

Day 2

Departure from Podgorica early in the morning. We take an asphalt road (40 km) to Korita. On the 13th kilometre of the road, there is the old town of Medun, built as an ancient fortress, with a rich history and well-preserved architecture. We stop at Kucka Korita and hike briefly to the viewpoint Grlo sokolovo (“hawk’s throat”) located on the very Montenegrin-Albanian border. Here we make a photo break and enjoy the unique view over the wreath of the Albanian part of Prokletije (Albanian Alps). We continue off-road to the next point of our tour – Lake Rikavac, located 15 km away from Korita. Driving across crude limestone areas, surrounded by more than 2000 m high peaks, we pass by the ruined old “katuns” (summer cattle settlements) of the tribe Kuci. Down the many serpentines, we descend to Rikavac Lake, where we take a long break, to enjoy the magic of a mountain lake and have a picnic. After the break, we continue our ascent to Carine Pass. We pass by the church dedicated to Saint Elijah, a place of prayer at the highest altitude in Europe, built at 1800 meters above sea level. After the break, we continue the tour with our vehicles and descend through the beech forest following the Opasanica River towards the village of the same name. We pass through this village; continue to Matesevo and Kolasin, where we overnight.

Day 3

On this day we start in the morning from Kolasin, where we take off-road vehicles (4WD) and drive up to the Bjelasica Mountain along. Passing through some traditional villages we arrive at the mountain peak called Kapela, named after the orthodox chapel built on it. After a photo break, enjoying the view of some of the highest mountain massifs in this region, we proceed over the roof of Bjelasica Mountain along the foothills of the highest peaks to the spring of Biogradska River. Further, we enter National Park Biogradska Gora and drive to the most attractive viewpoint above Pesica Lake. Going further along the ridge and pastures of the mountain, we reach the next viewpoint called Bendovac. From this place, a stunning view is spreading of the whole virgin rainforest reserve of Biogradska Gora with Biogradsko Lake surrounded by it. After we take a break to take some photos at this amazing place, we proceed through the scenic area of Bjelasica Mountain up to the katun Dolovi Lalevica, where the lunch with traditional food is organized. After lunch, we drive along the curved serpentine road through the Biogradska forest to the Biogradsko Lake. Biogradsko Lake is situated in the heart of the National park and it is surrounded by thick forest, which makes it unique and leaves a lifetime impression on all those who had a chance to visit it. From the lake, we go back to Kolasin. Overnight.


Bjelasica Mountain


Canyon of Tara River and Tara Bridge

Day 4

In the morning, starting from Kolasin we first go to the orthodox monastery Dobrilovina in Durmitor National Park. After visiting the monastery, through the village of the same name, soon we catch up a mountain road toward Zabojsko Lake. The drive up from the main road is beautiful, with views of the tall waterfall that actually drains the lake. Zabojsko Lake, surrounded by thick coniferous and beech forest, is located in the northeastern part of Sinjajevina Mountain at an altitude of 1,516 meters. According to many, it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Montenegro. This pristine pearl of nature is a perfect place for a break and rest. After a break, we return to the asphalt road leading through the Canyon of Tara River.

Our next stop is one of the most visited attractions in Montenegro – Tara Bridge. At the time it was built, this bridge that stands 172 meters above the Tara River, was the biggest vehicular concrete arch bridge in Europe. Going further towards villages Njegovudja and Zminica, amazed by the spectacular nature, we arrive at Zminicko Lake. Without a doubt, you will find this mountain lake surrounded by thick forest perfect. After admiring Zminicko, we continue towards Riblje (Fish) Lake and Vrazije (Devil’s) Lake. Beside the road are situated mysterious carved stone tomb monuments (stećci) – dating from between the 12th and 16th centuries (added to Unesco’s World Heritage list in 2016). Arrival at Zabljak. Overnight.

Day 5

The Panoramic Road “Durmitor Ring” is one of the most impressive routes in the region. Discover the unique, wild landscape and fascinating nature of Durmitor National Park and Piva Nature Park in northern Montenegro.

Durmitor Ring is a circular route of around 76 km that will take you through some of Durmitor’s most stunning sceneries.

During this tour, you will have a unique chance to feel the beauty of the mountain, unspoiled nature and Tara Canyon.  During the trip, we will pass the highest villages in the Balkans (Bosaca, Mala Crna Gora) through the Susica River Canyon, until we reach village Trsa, where we make a lunch break. We continue towards the picturesque plateau Pisce, passing by Prutas massif, enjoying the most beautiful view at the highest peak of Montenegro, Bobotov Kuk. Return to Zabljak. Overnight.


Durmitor Mountain


Lola Mountain-Windmills

Day 6

Starting from Zabljak we drive towards Sinjajevina Mountain and its impenetrable landscape dominated by grassy hills. According to the surface area it covers, Sinjajevina is the largest and most widespread mountain in Montenegro. Sinjajevina is also known as the largest pasture in the Balkans. Passing the Semolj Pass (1536 m), we’ll hit another real natural beauty – Lola Mountain. Hidden in the middle of central Montenegrin highlands, far from main roads, this place provides absolute peace and calmness for all people who came to enjoy it. Lola is a special mountain – a wide plateau covered by grass and decorated by gorgeous peaks over 2.000 meters. Here you’ll find lots of fairy-tale shepherds’ huts, which are in use even at present. Our next destination is the village Krnovo, famous for its windmills. There are no people at all so all the beauty is just for you. Passing by Krnovo wind farm, we continue towards the Vucje ski resort, where we will also take a break. Drive to Niksic. Overnight.

Day 7

From Niksic we drive through Zupa and arrive at Lukavica plateau. It is always a challenge to visit the hidden secrets of Montenegro, places that are still unknown to foreign tourists and even to many Montenegrins. One of such places is the Lukavica plateau, famous for its water springs. With the impressive mountain peaks of Veliki Zurim (2036 m) and Mali Zurim (1984 m), it is still an unknown nature paradise and one of the most beautiful parts of Montenegro. Lukavica likes to be photographed, so for all photography lovers, this will be an enjoyable experience. We continue our tour and arrive at Kapetanovo Lake. Unless many other lakes in Montenegro, there are no trees around the lake, but the view of the surrounding mountains gives the lake a special beauty. Although a new church and several houses were built around the lake, there are also old traditional mountain huts for the shepherds, who spend the hot summer months with their cattle in this grassy area. After a break (and possibly ascent to Manito Lake), through Velje Duboko village, and above another spectacular canyon — a Canyon of river Mrtvica, we reach Medjurjecje village and the Moraca River Canyon. The road running within the Moraca River Canyon is one of the most spectacular roads in the world. You can enjoy observing the beautiful contrast between steep, dark cliffs and a light, green river, while round, white peaks of Maganik Mountain glow in the distance. Arrive in Podgorica, where we organise a farewell dinner. Overnight.


Kapetanovo Lake


Kapetanovo Lake

Day 8

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Departure or extensions.

Note: In case you are arriving/leaving one or two days before/after the group departure do not hesitate to contact us for organizing your stay, activities and/or transfers.